CV Joint Conversion Kit

CV Joint Conversion Kit

Pantera High Performance CV Joint Axle Shaft Kit-unassembled. This CV Style Axle Upgrade Kit uses the 108mm 930 CV joints on both ends with IndyCar Style High Speed Boots to keep in grease and keep contaminants out. Special CV Joint adapters are fabricated out of 4130 Chromoly to reduce weight while maintaining strength requirements.

The CV Joint Adapters will center and bolt up to your ZF and axle flanges. The Chromoly axles are made in the USA and custom made specifically for the Pantera.

The axles are torsional by design which buffers shock loads to the ZF, thus potentially saving you thousands of dollars in ZF repair costs.

This kit comes with everything needed to replace your stock Pantera Half Shafts including bolts.

Available assembled or un-assembled.

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