GT40 Shifter

GT40 Shifter

The GT40 Cable Shifter is a great improvement over the stock GT40 shifter and makes shifting the ZF transaxle a breeze.

Whether you are buying the shifter because you are tired of the old rod shifter performance, or if you are installing a new engine that has space constraints and interferes with the rod, you will surely be happy with the CNC Performance Parts GT40 Cable Shifter

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  • Nov. 30, 2015


    You’re my hero!  I haven’t had a chance to actually drive the car yet but so far, just sitting in the shop, it shifts like a dream!  10000 x better than it was before.  Shorter throws, much crisper engagement, you can actually tell which gear you’re in!  Not to mention almost zero “ slop” in the shifter.  If I had to criticize on thing, in order to keep your ego in check, I would say that the sheet metal bracket is a little on the flimsy side, especially since everything else is such nice billet components.  But all in all I have zero complaints!!

    Thanks again,


    Dec. 7, 2015


    Well I finally got a chance to drive the car and it is MUCH better than before.  First gear can be a little elusive, but I think that’s just the nature of this shift pattern/gear box.  But over all I am more than pleased!!  Thanks again.


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